Friday, May 23, 2008

WEEK 15: Investigation

This week, the cadets learned basic criminal investigation procedures. The subjects run the gamut from case management to evidence collection.

Basically, they learned how to conduct an investigation, how to respond to a scene and what kind of information they need to collect after they respond.

“It’s important to document everything,” Mr. Santo said. “The manner evidence is collected and how it is documented can be just as important as the evidence itself.”

The students learned interview and interrogation techniques.

“Law enforcement officers will be interviewing people their whole career,” said Santo. “Everything they do is asking questions and they’ll have to learn to ask the right questions and be able to determine how much information they need to get.”

To practice this, students went around the building and interviewed different people in the office to gather information for a theft report.

They learned the difference between interviews and interrogations and what to do when an interview turns into an interrogation.

The instruction provides the basics: cues, keywords, phrases and behaviors.

“We give common examples and talk about those examples,” Santo said. “But like any other type of training, they will get better when they actually experience it and start getting a feel for it. This is basic training they are getting here and some guided practical experience. Most practical experience comes when you get on the job.”

Thursday the cadets practiced investigation, which included how to contain the crime scene, what they need to look for in the way of evidence and what to do with the collected evidence. Cadets also learned how to process and photograph the evidence.

Friday, the cadets learned to locate and lift finger prints and learned booking procedures.

Interesting tidbits: The 17-week 142nd Central Texas Police Academy is winding down. Next week the cadets will incorporate all the skills they have learned thus far and apply them in real-life situations with actors portraying perpetrators, traffic violators and much more. Check back next week for multiple blog posts!

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