Thursday, May 29, 2008

Patrolling Riverside Campus

Texas A&M’s Riverside Campus – home to the Central Texas Police Academy – is laid out like a town. It has named streets, buildings and even a few houses. The cadets of the 142nd CTPA were the police officers for Riverside this week.

The cadets worked in pairs and patrolled the streets of Riverside and police personnel from around the area served as the citizens of Riverside Campus and role-played many situations.

Since the role players were mostly active police officers, they were able to shed a unique light on the situations to make them very realistic.

There were traffic violations, noise complaints, domestic disturbances, and many other situations to which the cadets responded. They wrote tickets, made arrests and had to write reports at the end of their shifts. They even had to report to dispatch, which was also manned by the cadets not on patrol.

The role-players also served as instructors and when each simulation was complete, they talked to the cadets about what they did right and what they did wrong.

Once again, a video to help illustrate.

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